A universal language???

There really should be a universal language – the language of love and kindness – but a lass there is not and so I am trying to learn some spanish in order to completely enjoy all that this great continent and region has to offer… I love learning new languages, but it is not always easy! Especially when you dislike grammar as much as I do… I love talking and listening to a language – but when it comes time to go into detail with past/present/future and singular and plural, not to mention feminine and masculine I start zoning out!

Why is it necessary for a language to have so many rules and regulations? Why isn’t there simply a language that is easy to pick up! I should know, Danish is probably one of the hardest languages in the world to learn for foreigners. There are many rules and silent d’s and everything else imaginable in order to freak people out! But now I am trying to learn Spanish!

Not only is there a difference between Spanish in Spain and in South America, but there is also a difference between Spanish in South America and in Argentina/Uruguay!!! Come on – how hard does it have to be!!! But no matter, I am still determined to learn and today I had my first class with my South Korean friend Dov!

Let’s just say that we started with the basics 🙂 Como estas? Como Andas? Buenos Dias, Buenos Tardes, Buenos Noches, etc. So far so good… but then there are formal greetings and informal greetings, and different classes and so on! And this is where it starts to get tricky for me! But I will hang in there as the spanish I currently speak is more like getting by at a bar or a restaurant in Barcelona or Buenos Aires… but not the kind of spanish that you can converse in for several hours – at least not without a lot of head bopping, hand signals, si si si’s (you don’t really know what you are saying yes to, but it sounds better than no) and so on!

Plus the Santana family that I am currently staying with, the Dad and mom only speak spanish so when Quique isn’t home to translate and it is only Dov and me, well there are a lot of repeating, hand signs and slow talking! Thank god for the google translator for iPhone and the Lonely Planet phrase book for Spanish in Latin America

“Sin preservetiva, no gracias” that is apparently a good thing to know… can’t be too careful out there! 🙂

Let’s just hope that my spanish picks up as the days go by and you listen to more and more… I guess that is the only way to learn it anyway.


But however I would love to also learn how to speak like Christopher Walken… now there is an ability you can get far on!!!


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