Being restless

So what is being restless all about… where does the title come in?

You know the feeling that there is something waiting for you just around the corner, and you know that if you don’t go to peek around the corner you will regret it and pack up the “what if’s” in your life! So you go to see what is around the corner, only to discover that around the corner is another corner just a little farther ahead… and now that you have come this far, it would be stupid not to just go on and see what is around the next corner… and so a restless soul goes around corners in life trying to find that missing piece that will lend some rest and comfort!

You know that you are looking for something, because you can feel that there is something missing in order for you to find rest. But at the same time you also have the feeling that what you are looking for can’t be found anywhere… but within yourself! But that just means that you are doomed to a life as a restless wanderer, because what you are looking for will neither come from within or from without…

But being restless is both god and bad, it has given me the drive to travel the world and take chances in my life that I would probably never have taken if it weren’t for my restlessness… traveling around the world alone, quiting my job and moving to new country in the middle of a recession, and not accepting the in between… it’s with life as it is with love, you have to be aware what you are looking for. You have to have the guts and balls to go for it when you find it and you have to balance the power of not caring what other people think about you with the potential to throw all inhibitions to the wind when you deem the time is right! You know when that essential moment in your life comes by and it is crunch time… do or die baby!!!

But when people around you are all settling down, are in relationships and having that security and comfort in your life it gets more and more attractive. Some part of you also wants that, but then again…. I am not willing to compromise!!! When I settle down it will be with the “only one” not just any one!!! I want to be in a relationship not because of the relationship but because you can’t imagine your life without that other person, even though you might just have met that person a short time before!

So for now I am gonna hit the road and keep on living my life the only way I know how… one step at a time and try to make the most of it…

I even have restless soul tattooed on my left arm… once restless, always restless!!!

A true restless soul

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  1. I love it!!! Thanks….

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