Forbidden fruit

So what is it with guys and the whole idea of always wanting what is forbidden… in this case girls in relationships??

It can’t just be that it is more fun, the chase is harder and tougher, you have to work harder for it and the prize is thus so much more satisfying! There must be something else there that attracts guys… maybe it’s like why do girls fall for the jerks and why do men fall for women that are already in relationships? How hard can it be to find a person that is single out there in the world? Is there really any reason for people to break up relationships based on their own selfish desires?

Lots of questions and no answers, it all depends on the circumstances and the timing! You can start by saying that if the girl is in a good and committed relationship she wouldn’t even give you the time of day to consider your advances. So her relationship is probably not a good and as exciting as it could be, so there you are offering her a little bit of that fun and excitement that she has been secretly waiting and hoping for. But she is still technically in a relationship, so you will have to work for it… and then it is up to you and your conscience if you want to work on somebody that is already spoken for! Even though you aren’t the one in the relationship, you will still be partaking in the act of deceit. So when is that worth it? There is obviously a number of things that influences on how this is handled… how old you are? Are you in your twenties, then it is not as serious as if you were cheating with someone who is married and has kids!

Some might say that it is always worth it, some will do just about anything for a piece of ass! Which is totally understandable, who doesn’t like a good piece of ass? However everybody should have something called a conscience, and that should really be able to dictate your actions. If you believe that you can do a better job than her current boyfriend and that you will be able to make her happier, then go for it… no rules in love and war! But if you are just out for a quick romp in the hay, well than it is up to you… you can leave the situation any time you want! But before you do, if you are any man at all, you ask yourself what kind of situation it is that you are leaving behind!

All of these things you should really take into account before you start fooling around with people in relationships, this is also true for women and the other way around… will you take the consequences of your actions? And have you realized that there will always be somebody left hurt and wanting when it is all over… it might be anybody in the relationship! What kind of foundation would you like to build your future relationship on?


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