Care for a tango?

Jason Jollins performing at Pacha, Buenos Aires.

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This weekend we took the boat over to Buenos Aires to catch the Green Day concert and soak up a bit of fun and see the city! Four words: What a cool city!!! The neighborhoods in Recoletta and Palermo are like a mix of Covent Garden, Barcelonetta and Marais all rolled into one!!! I love places like that… You know the artistic, bohemian, designer casual, lounge vibe that is just generated in places like that! The beats, the vibe, the sheer joy of being in a place right at this exact moment in time… increible!!!

So Friday we went to Green Day and even though I am not a big GD fan, I must say that they put on an amazing performance!!! 3 hours non-stop hard hitting punk rock music, that just kept on flowing from the band!!! It was hard not to be swept away by the crowd and the music all coming to a resounding head after 3 hours… I even found myself carrying around a cute Uruguayan chica on my shoulders, which isn’t the worst thing to have on ones shoulder 😉

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Saturday we spend the majority of the day in Palermo, doing a little shopping and having some lunch at this great plaza called Serrano – yes like the ham! Cool little square with lots of bars and restaurants and just a great vibe up and down all the small tree lined streets, with cozy restaurants and cool bars! After a nap we decided to head over to a friend who lives in Buenos Aires and had some drinks at her place, before we headed to a major b-day party at Pacha! Pacha is Pacha everywhere, that night it was just extra crowded, you could hardly move… but the beats were pumping, the drinks cool and people gyrating… just like it should be!!!

Spend the sunday sleeping in my hostel until I had to catch the boat back. While I was sleeping the other guys had to catch the boat back, two of them came to late and I met them at the terminal 4 hours later. They didn’t get a boat out of there before 4 hours after that! Tough end to an otherwise great weekend…

Buenos Aires definitely coming back there soon! And we stayed at this really cool little hostel in San Telmo, that was mostly like being at home!!! The owner was there a couple of hours in the morning making sure that everything was good, and besides that you were left to your own devices… so just enjoying a little home ambiance. For all of you out there, wanting to stay in a really nice cozy place in San Telmo… just around the corner Catedral it is called Che Telmo Hostel.


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