Forbidden Fruit continued…

Principles of Lust

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If it is true that all the good ones are already taken, is it then okay to try to take them away from someone else???

You try to be good. You know you shouldn’t fuck around with people in relationships, and that it will eventually only lead to somebody getting hurt. But at the same time there is just something so tantalizing addictive to girls that are in relationships, it’s like you just want that person and nothing else matters. It’s the chase, the intensity of the desire and the smell of the prey… It’s like the old saying that all good things take time, and with girls in relationships you have to work at it before anything happens!Unless they are skanks and don’t really give a shit about anybody!

Girls in relationships are both easy and difficult to get going at the same time. They are of course difficult because they are in a relationships, and they have decided to commit to somebody else. The easy part comes in because you can provide them with something that they don’t experience anymore… LUST!!! A lust and desire for them, that they haven’t felt in a long time! You can say straight out to them that you want them right here, right now! You want to go down on them and write the alphabet with your tongue until they explode in a mind numbing orgasm, you want to explore every inch of there body and find out where their sweet spots are, you want to play around with them for hours on end because your desire is that great. And when a girl, no matter in a relationship or not is confronted with that sense of confidence, directness and lust for her… it is very difficult to say no.

Now I can argue the case that the relationship is probably doomed to fail anyway, and why? Because they haven’t kept up the passion in the relationship, if the passion and love was there… nobody would ever think about cheating on their partner. Then you can ask if it is okay to stay together if you aren’t in love anymore simply because it is convenient? But that is neither here nor there. We aren’t discussing all the shitty relationships out there and how people are generally afraid to be alone.

Even though I have never cheated on a girl friend, I have other people’s girlfriends cheat with me. I have been threatened with being burned alive, with getting my ass kicked, with all sorts of stupid stuff. And this is again where the male species show their stupidity, why threaten the guy who wasn’t in the relationship? If you want to be mad at anybody, be mad at your fucking girlfriend… she’s the one that’s been cheating on you, you idiot!!!

But no matter what the outcome is, there is always someone that is left hurt. Being in hurt in the big game of love is never fun… So why do people keep on doing it? To themselves and to the people that they care about? Do we simply never learn? Or is it okay to go after someone who’s in a relationship if you believe that you could make that person happier? There is no black and white, only shades of gray. Nobody is perfect and we all have our shit to deal with… Can it be justified if you go into it with the right intentions? If all you want to accomplish is to find a little ray of sunshine for yourself and that other person on this earth. Wouldn’t it be equally as bad not to act, and then sit back in 40 years with a big fat “what if”?

Aren’t we all just slaves to our hearts desires? The heart after all wants what the heart wants!!!


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