Reject this!!!


One of my worst fears some years ago, was gathering the courage to go up to a girl and ask her if she wanted a drink or something similar all to be shot down! That would leave me devastated for the rest of the evening! So often I didn’t even bother talk making the first move, simply because I knew that if I got rejected it would ruin my evening! It was simply too big a blow on the way that I viewed myself… When I look back at it now I can only laugh, but at that point in time there was nothing funny about it whatsoever, low self-esteem will do that to you.

Then I read somewhere that 90 percent of all girls will turn you down no matter what, it might be because they are already in a relationship, you might not be their type, they might have a bad day, they might have their fucking period… but all that doesn’t even matter, because why the fuck would you let some girl who obviously doesn’t know you from a freaking circus  clown mess around with your self-esteem? She doesn’t know you, she has no idea what kind of person you are… so the person she is turning down is actually not you, but some preconceived notion of who you might or might not be!!! But come on… that is not the  end of the world, do you normally care what other people who have known you for all of 10 seconds think about you? No you wouldn’t! Who gives a flying shit… if you know that you are a good person, and that your heart is in the right place then there is nothing more for you to do!!! Keep your head high and talk with some other girl… some girls are so superficial anyway that you can’t even have a meaningful conversation with them for more than 3 minutes unless subjects such as, The Hills, Jersey Shore or Ryan Seacrest gets introduced into the mix! And I am sure that most guys have something more fun to do, then discuss the latest episode of Jersey Shore!!!

I know that it is all easier said than done, believe me… I have been there! So what do you do? Take one night off to get turned down by as many girls as possible! You might even start having some fun with it, playing a little with their minds. They are so fond of doing that to us anyway… that is if you let them! Start using all the worst pick-up lines you can remember like, “you wanna come home and see my stamp collection, are you a snake tamer? Because I have a python in my pants, if I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together”. You get the drift, there are all sort of pick-up lines on the net… But the main thing is that you can’t pick-up anybody this night, if someone actually thinks you are cute give them your email or phone number and hurry on to the next!!! This is about you and what it will do for you not giving a shit anymore if one girl or 50 girls turns you down in an evening!!! The first one sucks and you have to suck it up to approach number 2 and 3…. but after that it is actually pretty smooth sailing! And if you are in the right frame of mind it actually starts getting fun!

So what is it that girls actually turn on to? (And please ladies be so kind as to leave your comments, to help the cause :-)) Well first and foremost it is CONFIDENCE!!! You have to be able to go up to a girl and look her straight in the face and exude and air of confidence, you have to set the ground rules. Let her know that you aren’t fooling around, and that you really don’t give a shit about her you are just drifting by on your way to something better! I agree it is very strange that you have to appear indifferent in a girl in order for them to think that you are interesting, but hey if that is the way they want it… that is what you will give them to begin with! It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to figure out if she is something that you would like to pursue further. If no, get out of there and do not even worry about making a polite exit, just tell her it was nice talking with her and that you have to get over to your friends. If you do like her stay for a couple of more minutes and then excuse yourself with the fact that you have to go over to your friends. How you want to play it from there is up to you… you can ask for her phone number or email, if she is with a group and you are with a group ask if they want to join your party, etc. Just don’t start doting on this girl… you have to keep her on her toes! Girls like a guy that she doesn’t really know where she has or where he is coming from! It’s exciting and fresh.

After you got that down, you can simply stop playing the games and walk up to a girl with confidence and just tell her straight out what you want to do to her. I have never had a boring reaction on the statement, ” I want a Jack Daniels and I want to go down on you, and not necessarily in that order”. Now some girls will get offended, some will take you up on the offer… but mostly it will at the very least elicit a smile or a laugh, and that already indicates you are on your way! Saying something that is so totally out of the blue and at the same time show’s that you have enough confidence to pull it off works wonders… (yes the female mind)!!!

There are obviously some things that you should do in order to up the odds for a successful outcome! Always wear something that you feel comfortable in, but at the same time is something that exudes confidence and a personal sense of style!!! Don’t go out in your sweatpants!!! For you to pull that off, you would have to be ten times more confident than David Hasselhoff during his Knight Rider days!!! So that is a no go!!! Personal hygiene is also extremely important, yes it is called showering, washing every nook and cranny of your body and preferably wearing some form of deodorant! No black nails, no smelly socks, no nose hair, etc.And don’t get too drunk, nobody will want to go home with somebody who can’t even stand on his feet!!! But at the same time alcohol can work as a good way to lessen the nerves… so it is a question of balancing!!!

Basically if you go out feeling like a bad-ass motherfucker, you will act like it… and there isn’t a bad-ass motherfucker out there who gives a shit about Jersey Shore or Ryan Seacrest!!! And they especially don’t give a shit if some random girl snubs their noses at them!!! In the end, it is their loss…

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