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What’s up with pubic hair? What is it exactly good for?  Is it to keep your pelvic area warm, like a fur rug? Or is it used as a form of net to catch bacteria and other alien lifeforms before they make it all the way in? But any of these reasons should have been eliminated when people started wearing underwear and regular clothes… One good reason to remove it is that I know that it is possible to get lice in pubic hair! So my question again, what is up with pubic hair?

In this age is it really so difficult to trim the hedge or mow the lawn? Why are there still some people who go around with full fledged bushes between their legs, so that when they are in a bikini or bathing suit it looks like a squirrel is about to pop out of their panties!!!

Is it simply some kind of last death grip to some outdated sense of feminism and that women should just be normal and let it all grow! Just let it run wild man, good job!!! I am sure that the guy you are with loves to go down on you, there is a slight chance that he will be suffocated or at the very least will be coughing up fur balls for the next hour! People in Asia are notoriously bad at waxing or shaving, maybe it has something to do with the culture or maybe they don’t just give a shit! But in an age where we are nothing if not global! Porn can be freely viewed on sites as pornhub, youporn or redtube, then it is natural to deduct that even Asian’s have been exposed to pornography from the west and here must have seen a trend in how the pubic hair region should be maintained! Or maybe they all just sat around thinking that either the people on that show are very young or else they have some form of illness, I don’t know! Maybe they just like munching on something furry! God knows that the Japanese have some interesting (for lack of other words) sexual or porno-graphical tendencies (Bukkake or Hentai cartoon porn) just to name a few.

Bottom line is that it should be obvious that if you are expecting someone to go down on you in the near future, you have to make sure that you have an inviting area… that say’s hello, this is a nice and clean neighborhood! Now please go fucking down on me and eat me until I cum in a massive orgasm! Now you can say all that with confidence because you are confident in yourself and not self conscious about small inconsequential details… which in turn leads to you just being able to enjoy the sensation and the moment! Many women don’t feel comfortable with a guy going down on them the first time, often it is something very intimate and something special that you share… And it is something special! But don’t tell me that women don’t want to be taken to the mountain top and make it crumble under them by some guy who understands that the tongue is good for something else than just talking! Ladies believe me when I say that yours, is a forest that can be cut down without Green Peace interfering!!!

You know the sensation when you come home with someone, and you start getting at it. You are making out hot and heavy, throwing each other around, up against the wall, down on the bed, on the window sill, in the kitchen, whatever… and then when you finally mingle off her clothes, you find a massive hairy bush! Now what does that actually do to your appetite to keep going? One thing is for sure, do not expect me to go down on you! I am not Indiana Jones or some Indian from Central America, I don’t go roaming around in the jungle for fun. So you decide to just keep it casual and give her a ride for her money. You are giving her the finger, you have a hand full of hair all over your palm. You’re on top, you can feel the coarseness of the hair on your stomach, going back and forth, back and forth… probably the same as if your stomach had to kiss someone with a beard. The skin gets red and irritated, so you decide that the only way this is going to work is either if you do it doggy-style or reverse cowgirl… so you don’t have to even look at the fur coat between her legs, which at this point is starting to irritate you!!! And that is a lot of thinking and iritation for something that should just be some hours of fun-filled entertainment!

But the same goes for guys though… it is important that if you are expecting to get some head or some oral action that you start by trimming the bush a little and shaving your balls!!! I don’t think anybody likes to be tea-bagged with a hairy nut sack! It’s tit for tat… you can’t complain about something if you are not willing to do it yourself!

Management 1-on-1 every good leader leads by example!!!


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