Do you want some cheese with that whine???

Fellatio performed in 69 position

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Today, I found out my boyfriend watches porn. Specifically, today, while I was in the shower. In the next room. We were alone in the house and he still chose porn. FML

Tody I found this on! This is so funny and true about guys and girls for that matter and I will tell you why. First yes it is a known fact that guys watches porn, and probably also watches more porn than girls do! But it is also such a typical girl thing to immediately think that everything has something to do with them, and then after wards play the role of the victim!

Come on give me a break, the whole universe does not revolve around you girls and if and when it does try to drop the narrow-mindedness and look at it from a different pov!!! You want to be in a successful relationship, then you can’t only see things from one perspective! Why? I will list you some reasons why…

1. It’s just porn! Nothing more, nothing less… it’s a quick way to both get a quick release and a way to gather inspiration. And sometimes a guy just wants a quick release, it has absolutely nothing to do with the girl. A guy in a relationship will still masturbate, and as such needs a little visual stimulation! There is a big difference between masturbation and sex, as any guy will be able to tell you! There is a time and place for both!

2. If the guy is your boyfriend, he will naturally want to perform his best and satisfy your every needs. But satisfying a woman’s needs is no small feat. It is not done in 5 minutes!!! You have to build it up, you have to work at it, you have to make it happen! And sometimes a guy really doesn’t want the hassle of all that, but instead opts for the egotistical choice of giving himself a tug! It’s easy, it’s fun and it takes like 5 minutes… instant gratification! You would be even more upset if your guy came after 3 minutes and then rolled contently away, leaving you there all hot and heavy!

3. Why is it that the girls automatically assumes that it is the guy that there is something wrong with? Why doesn’t she initiate something, instead of just sitting back and waiting for him to come out to her in the shower? It’s like a typical princess syndrome. The guy has to come to me, I am the princess, he should work for my affection. Well here is a news flash princess… Why don’t you start working for his? I promise that if you came in while he was satisfying himself and offered yourself up on a platter, that he would quickly forget about the porn and go for you instead! Try next time to actually be proactive in this matter, instead of just sitting back and waiting and then after wards being upset about it!

4. Guys aren’t fucking mind readers, you want to have something or get something done… well then say it loud and clear. And quit the bitching! Remember in the beginning of the relationship when everything was so fun and good? You could have sex 5 times during a night and that initial lust just wouldn’t go away! You wanted each others bodies so bad that the sensation threatened to consume your entire being and your every waking hour? Well darling that is called the honeymoon stage and guess what… it didn’t last! So in order to keep the fires burning in your sex life, you have to be inventive, proactive and being able to say what you want and when you want it!

Basically guys are just as bad as reading minds as girls are! I know you tend to psychoanalyze everything, and you therefore think you know what guys are thinking… but don’t kid yourselves ladies!!! You have no clue!!!

So next time… get out of the shower, go over to your boyfriend, take charge of what he is doing and go down and give him a proper blow job! Who knows, next time he might come and surprise you in the shower, in the kitchen or while you are sleeping! It only takes one act, to change an entire chain of events!


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