Grow a pair…

Illustration of anal sex.

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Today, my wife checked the time while we were having sex. Twice. FML

So your wife is checking the time while you are having sex? Well what does that tell you?

Apparently men are no better at playing the “I feel sorry for myself game”!!! If your wife is checking the time while you are having sex, it probably has something to do with the way you guys are having sex… it might actually have something to do with how you are in bed!!! Do you really believe it to be your wife that has the problem and not you? Come on… grow a fucking pair of balls and take charge!

Now let me spell this out nicely for you, you apparently suck at seducing and pleasuring your wife!!! Your wife is lying there and wondering what to cook for dinner, while you are on top of her thrusting! And you still act like it is your wife that has the problem. In order for a relationship to function over a long time, it is important to keep the fire burning… poking at the embers will lead to fresh air and the fire re-igniting its force. The problem however is that people have a tendency to just resign to accepting the status-quo and not fighting to keep the passion burning.

Remember when you first start out and the passion is unbelievable, sex all the time, you are experimenting and trying new things out, you take time to discover each others bodies and pleasure each other in an unselfish way! Obviously that doesn’t last, you stop having sex 5 times a day and your initial passion grows into something else, it grows into love and comfort and all the other good things that a relationship holds. But that doesn’t mean that the passion should go out the window, it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying arousing the other person!

Why do you think so many relationships fail? People grow tired of the same thing, day in day out! People let the everyday routines completely take over their lives and that means that passion and sex becomes less and less frequent! And in the end, people resign and just give the other person the blame! “It’s all their fault”, “I do what I can, but the other person doesn’t respond”, etc.! No wonder there are so many divorces in these times. As security is becoming less important and the quick fulfillment of ones needs is gaining in importance, people don’t want to stay together if the passion is lacking! So what do they do? They opt for the easy out and split up.

Sometimes a split up is what is needed, but I bet that if people worked at the passion in the bedrooms a lot of break-ups could be avoided! The main thing is don’t be scared to communicate with your partner about what turns you on and what your desires are. You want to give anal sex a go, do it. You wanna try out role playing, do it! You wanna have sex in the kitchen, do it! There should never be something that you are scared of expressing to your partner, I am sure that most people would be very open to any fantasy or desire their partner has. Keeping it fresh and exciting in the bedroom also leads to more energy and more tolerance in all the other aspects of your life.

So next time your wife is checking the time while you are having sex, ask her what she would like? Would she like to be taken from behind? Would she like you to go down on her and be unselfish for an hour? Would she like you to dress up as Superman and give it to her? And if she is to nervous to talk about it to begin with, start by giving some suggestions! You can always find some inspiration in Porn or in the Karma Sutra!

Bottom line…. stop dicking around, stop playing the victim card, take charge and bring the fun back into the bedroom!!!


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