It’s your body… Deal with it!!!

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It is strange how different cultures perceive nudity and has to determine what is right and what is wrong…

If grew up in a family where nudity has never been an issue. I have seen my parents naked and my sister and brother naked, from they were babies till they were adults. It was the most natural thing for me, no matter if my family were clothed or not they were still just my family. But whenever I meet people from say the States or Asia or some parts of South America, they look at me like that is the weirdest thing they ever heard! Like somehow that is a form of child abuse that I have been part of!

I get the stories that a girls dad hasn’t seen her naked since she was five, or that some moms can’t walk around topless in their own homes because their children think it is creepy! This to me is the most absurd thing ever, and I also see a link between this and the fact that people are so concerned with their bodies. The only input they get on body image is what they watch at the movies or see in magazines, instead of taking a good look around what is closest to you.

When I go to the beach, women are often topless and can chose to be naked if they want to. Guys can as well, it is pretty much up to themselves. But what you can learn here is that it is only a few percent of us that look like the people in the glamor magazines. You can happen upon 16 year old girls lying topless or a 60 year old lady being completely naked. Some people would think “yuck, that is gross”!!! But seriously that is the way we are all headed, nobody will be 18 forever. So it is in these years that we should learn to accept our bodies for what they are and find comfort in the fact that we are all unique. Who cares about a six pack if your penis is the size of a pea and you can’t get it up because you have overdone the steroids? Who want’s to date a beautiful girl with a set of perfect ass, if she is as stupid as a snail?

We put far too much emphasis on beauty and on the whole pop generation and how the superstars look. And why? Because those are the only physical bodily role models that a lot of people are exposed to! In stead I would say that it is better getting over your fear of being naked around your family or of strangers on the beach and that way accept where you come from and the genes that make you who you are! When I look at my parents I can see the good things genetically, which I have inherited and the things that I don’t like so much! But at least I know where I come from and I have been exposed to enough nudity during my time to know what is real and what isn’t!!!

We tend to think that our looks are what is most important in life and that it is through those looks that we will eventually end up finding our significant other! But in truth, looks only last as far as initial attraction… and that is without any form of conversation. Because the truth is that as we get to know people better, looks become less and less important! We see those people for who they really are, and we see them as the people we love and nothing else! If you are really in love, you would stay with somebody even if they were in a car accident or gained forty pounds. Looks will never be as important as personality, no matter what any superficial person says. And yes, I might be the ugliest motherfucker on the planet since I am writing this… but it doesn’t make it any less of a truth!

The one thing that can and will always change are looks. People can get fat, thin, fit, old, sloppy, get plastic surgery, be in an accident, get beautiful or get handsome. But what will always remain is the personality, good luck changing that as easily!!!

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