The Final Fantasy…

Mermaid Syndrom

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Today, my boyfriend suggested we imagine each other as someone else when we had sex. I imagined he was Tom Cruise. He imagined I was my best friend. FML

Talk about setting yourself up for a rude awakening, this should probably be telling you something! Why would your boyfriend even want to imagine that you were someone else, if he was really into you? And based on the person that he imagined, he is probably more interested in her than he is in you! It can’t really come as a surprise, lets face it… it has gotten old and boring and your boyfriend is looking elsewhere to get his needs satisfied!

You can kid yourself and say that it was only in the fantasy, but that is where it always starts! People become obsessed with their fantasies and have to live them out, and the fact that he blatantly told you that he was imagining your best friend after having instigated the whole thing… well I am betting that you pretty soon won’t have either a boyfriend or a best friend anymore, or at least not a boyfriend. Depending on how good a friend your best friend actually is.

This is not like you are role playing some sex game! In sex games you act out a fantasy together, knowing that it is the other person behind the mask or whatever else you are using. But here you are each having your own fantasy and only together in a physical sense, not in a psychological! And this is where, if you have any sense at all, alarm bells should be ringing, like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame was swinging away inside your head!

It doesn’t matter how good looking, sexy, hot, or any other adjective describing a girls physical presence, is, to a guy it will always get old. And when guys have gotten used to having something, they want something else. They want to try something new, they feel the instinct to hunt, to chase, to feel that initial attraction again and again and again and again. Are all guys like that? yes!!! Is there a way girls can stop that? yes!!!

How? By being more than just good looks and a hot ass! What guys get attracted to is the physical appearance of a woman, but what guys fall in love with is the personality, is the chemistry and is the ability to confide in someone. No one in a relationship should let themselves go, to the degree that the highlight of their week is Saturday at Home Depot, dressed in matching sweats. Now that will kill the romance and the attraction and the intimacy! But after a while guys stop being as attracted to the physical side, and starts getting equally attracted to the psychological aspects. It’s a tightrope, but lets face it… woman want precisely the same thing!!! A guy that takes pride in his physical appearance and at the same time is sweet, funny, sexy, interesting, loving and a gentleman. So obviously guys want the same, we are just harder to tame.

So next time your boyfriend asks if you want to start fantasizing about other people, while having sex with each other… Well that might just be your final fantasy!!!


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