Watch the teeth…

Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril.

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What is it with girls giving you a blow job and then deciding to start using the teeth, almost like they are peeling of the top layer of a chocolate bar??? Really? Does it taste like a Bounty? Does it look like a Snickers? I know it has nuts, but give me a break here!!! It kind of takes the fun away when you are grinding your teeth together and hoping that it will finish soon, or that you decide to just shove her away and say “thanks for the effort”!!! It’s not really worth the effort to start correcting a girl that isn’t your girlfriend, that must be the duty of what ever boyfriend she has or will get in the future!!! Relationship is not at the forefront of ones mind, when your dick has rug burns!!!

How would you girls feel if men all of a sudden started biting into your clit like it was a gummy bear? I think you would start jump up and shriek like crazy… yeah see the penis is actually just as sensitive!!! At least the head…

1. No teeth!!! Hide them away and don’t bring them out again… you can use your teeth on something else… like on the fingers, ears, breast, etc. Only time the teeth are allowed is if you are asked or you are forced to give head on a rapist (then you should bite down as hard as possible and watch him squirm!!!), but that is neither here nor there.

2. Tongue and lips are the most important thing, it is supposed to be a nice experience! You are not down there in order to punish somebody but to satisfy and give pleasure! The small taste buds on your tongue working around the head, the suction of your mouth around the penis… the wet and warm place that is not your pussy, but almost just as good!

3. You should only be down there for the right reasons, if you don’t like it then what the fuck are you doing down there? A guy can tell if you are into it or just want to make like a banana and split!!! You would know the same… it all depends on the intensity and rigor with which you throw yourself into the project!

4. Eye contact is so fucking sexy it is unbelievable… Looking into some girls big eyes while your dick is working it’s way in and out of her mouth. She brushes her hair aside and keeps eye contact while her tongue plays with the head.

5. If you wanna spice it up a bit, ice cubes are usually a hit…. the sensation of a hot mouth and something cold is always a winner. Or if you are into something sweet, try with chocolate paste or something similar. Then it might resemble a chocolate bar a little more, but still keep your teeth to yourself.

6. Don’t be afraid to play with the balls as well, suck on them, pop them in your mouth, let your tongue play with them, or just cup them and massage them while performing the blow job. it makes for a more intense orgasm!

7. Don’t worry about deep-throating, if you can it’s good and hot!!! But if you can’t do it properly, then don’t try to… nothing worse then seeing a woman almost gag on your dick and it really can’t be much fun for the girl either! And lets face it, it is all about having fun.

8. Cum… you have to take a stand on that one. Because if you are doing a good job, it is bound to happen. Do you spit? Do you swallow? Should he cum on your face or on your breasts? (Nutritionally cum should be a good source of protein, so if you are down on your daily amount of protein…)

Basically if you do a good job, you can expect something good in return… what goes around, cums around. And if the guy isn’t living up to your standards or making you climax with his tongue, don’t be afraid to guide him… after all, every real man should aim to please!!!

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  1. Just a little side note: The fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx, has been observed to engage in fellatio during mating. Pairs spend more time copulating if the female licks the male than if they do not. I guess bats are smart animals!!!

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