The Forbidden Kingdom…

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Today, while at dinner, I told my boyfriend that I wished he liked sushi. He replied, ‘I wish you liked anal.‘ FML
So true, it’s quid pro quo!!! There will always be stuff about each other that we wished were different, and often it is more the idea of something that puts us off than the act itself.

Let’s face it, there is a reason why sushi is so popular. It is healthy, fresh and it tastes great. So what is it about sushi that puts people off? Well it is probably an idea about eating raw fish. However once they try it, most people keep coming back for more and more and more…

Well, what if anal-sex is the same? What if you just have to try it once, and then you will keep coming back for more and more and more… Isn’t it at least worth trying? Who knows maybe it will be your new favorite sexual activity!!! Maybe you only want it in the ass from now on, maybe this is what will set off your massive rocking orgasms! And you will never know, simply because you let your preconceived notions get the better of you and said no to something you didn’t really have an idea about!

What is about putting your dick up some girls ass, that is so appealing to guys? It could be the fact that it is seen as something forbidden, a special place that is both off limits and at the same time to alluring, that once it pops into your mind as something that you want to try it will stay there like a little nagging thought! You have to try it, you have to live out that fantasy! You have to enter the forbidden kingdom of pleasure. You have to try what it feels like to slowly separate her butt cheeks and enter her third dark hole, that at first seems so forbidding. It is tiny, it is puckered, it seems too small. It seems like it is refusing you to enter. However after just a short moment, you can feel how it sucks you in, how it begs for more, how it wants you to go deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and harder. And as you pull out you see that it is no longer a place that is forbidding you entry, the gates are wide open and it is begging you to re-enter. Calling out for your rock hard cock, asking you to satisfy its needs of sexual desire.

There is also some feeling of power being given over to the guy, that the guy obviously gets a little off on. But no more than the power a guy gives over to a girl when he lets her suck him… in this case the girl holds all the power. Seeing that with one quick snap of the jaw, your favorite muscle can be gone! So guys like it, they want it, they want to try it and they want to do it again and again and again!

There shouldn’t however be any pressure to force a girl to do it, talk about it, share your fantasies, and let it develop from there. In some instance the girl might even say that she will do it, if you are prepared to take a dildo up the ass first! Then it is up to you, macho man, to see how freaky you actually are. Quid pro quo!!! And be sure to use lots of lube, it should feel good, not like taking a massive shit!!!

For many it is also a matter of trust! No girl wants to get fucked in the ass and then get fucked over by some scum-bag declaring it out loud. How would you feel if you let your girlfriend thrust a dildo up your ass and then afterwords announced it to all her and your friends? Maybe even the news trickled back to your parents, now wouldn’t that be a fun Sunday dinner!!!

Basically if you want to go there, you have to be mature enough to handle it! Every girl wants a freak in the bed, but a gentleman on her arm. So if you can master that, then maybe you will have the chance to introduce her to the fun filled world of sexual deviance and desire!!!


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