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I have always been a restless soul, as you can also gather from the name of my blog 🙂 I have always had the feeling that there is something more out there waiting for me to discover it. Waiting for me to come and find it. Waiting for me to take charge of my own destiny. And I have always tried to live up to these aspirations, overcoming the difficulties, doubts and challenges that are put in my way. I have always tried to be ready to grab life by the balls and ride it all the way to where I am supposed to go. I have traveled all over the world, backpacking in Asia, surfing in Australia, partying in the Caribbean, studying in South America and road tripping in the States. I have lived in 6 continents for longer or shorter periods of time… I have always been willing to take a chance and for the most part it has usually worked out. But in my opinion it is always better to regret the stuff that you have done, then the things you never dared do.


I have a Masters degree in International Marketing and Management and I have worked with Communication and PR for a major international agency for a couple of years in Copenhagen (where I’m from). Two years ago when I turned 28 I decided to quit my job and move to London. I have always wanted to live there, and I thought that in order to realize that dream I had to do it now while I was still single and willing to start over. So after new years I moved to London, and even though there were a ton of problems I still loved it. I love the city, the international feel, the architecture, the people… it is a city that runs non stop. Unfortunately I came right when the financial crisis was under way, so it proved difficult to find a job. I ended up working in a juice bar, and even though the pay was crap and it wasn’t really within any related field of mine, I still had a blast. Young guys just having fun and enjoying life in London. Then one day a guy comes in and we start chatting. Turns out that he was in the city casting for an international reality show that took place in South Africa. One thing led to another and I got selected to be a participant.


When I came there I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met so many great people from all over the world. These people were truly inspirational and so full of life and joy, that I considered myself lucky to be part of the experience. We were all living together in a big resort and the bonds you make during something like that is something more akin to family then merely being friends. So after spending seven weeks in South Africa, I returned to London. But after such an experience I found myself contemplating which direction life had in store for me. So after some deliberation, I decided to make the most of my new found friends and travel around and experience some of their culture. I ended up traveling to Uruguay where I stayed for over 2 months with the sweetest family in the world. These complete strangers took me in like I was their own son, and gave me and experience that I will never forget. I also spent some time in Buenos Aires for a little before heading up to Honduras where I spent three months on and off. I made friends there, that were truly an exceptional and loving crowd. They could get rowdy and they could party, but the love and the warmth that Latin people have is amazing. I saw all of Honduras before heading out to their Islands in the Caribbean Sea to spend some time diving. I lived in a little bungalow close to the jungle and a couple of minutes from the beach. The days were spent diving and in the evenings I enjoyed the tropical nights. After having spent a month and a half on the island and gotten certified as a Rescue Diver I left for the States, with a short stop in Mexico City as well. In the States I stayed with this girl I had met during New years on the island, and we decided to take a road trip through some of the great states in the US. Now I will admit that Americans sometimes get a bum rep by Europeans for being prudes and overly religious and narrow minded and un-educated and superficial. But I have to say that over the course of the last year I have met so many great people in the States, that the reputation is far from deserved. I love the States and I think people who don’t like Americans, are people who only know about America from what they see on the news or in TV. If you meet the “real” Americans, they are for the most part a terrific bunch of people. They are kind, helpful and interested in getting smarter and learning about new things. So I have only positive to say about my experience now with Americans (I also have to say that because the girl I went on the road trip with is an American and she is also my girlfriend now:)). But I will say this and that is that it is way more fun to be in America when you are over 21 then when you are under 21 🙂


Anyway I returned back home this summer to find some work and get back into working with my experience and my education. Unfortunately I have not yet found a job, its still a shitty market… especially in Europe. But it will come… it has to come!!! Hopefully 2012 will prove to have something good in store for me… You have to believe that positive things happen to positive people. I also believe in Karma, and I believe that I always do my best to treat everybody else according to those ideologies and beliefs – so hopefully the universe will also guide me now towards the future that I am looking for.


So it’s all about doing the stuff you like… figuring out what it is that you like and how to make a living off of it is a far more difficult thing. I like to cook, I like to write, I like to help people communicate better and I like to dive. I’m a social creature and I like to meet new people and make new friends. I love to travel and I am interested in things such as design, arts, fashion, marketing, branding and advertising. I want to find a job that will let me incorporate some off all these things that I love to do, so that I can find my dream job. What it is, I don’t know… Haven’t found it yet. But then again, I also just need to find a job so that I can pay the rent:) So hopefully something will happen soon!!!


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