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The Notebook

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I read a book the other day about a guy who created a notebook. But this wasn’t just some diary or journal he kept, this was a notebook that defined his actions in life. When he wrote something in the book he would have to follow it through. When the words changed from being solely in his head to become tangible elements on a piece of paper, the words became law. If he did not live up to what he had entered into the notebook he would be cheating himself and the vow he had made to himself. The notebook in other words became a sort of bible for him. Once he had written down the words, there was no going back he had to go through with his intentions.

Reading this book fascinated me because we all know what it is like to think something and want to do something, but then it just remains as a thought that never evolves into real life. Who hasn’t tried to back out of going up to talk to a girl at a bar, or tell somebody exactly how you feel, or quit a job you hate, or do that trip you have always wanted to take but don’t dare.

However used correctly this notebook can help you to make those decisions, because once they are written down on paper they are much more difficult to ignore. The words become like your personal bible, and not living up to the words that you yourself have written down, will just make sure that nothing changes for you and that you are cheating yourself. Breaking a promise to yourself is like lying to yourself, and who wants to go through life not making the most of it? Who wants to go through life with a bunch of “what if’s” waiting at the end of it?

This is my story of the past and the future. How I have tried to eliminate my “what if’s”, what that has given me, what I have paid for it and how the future turns out because of my decisions. I will try to implement the idea of the notebook as well, if I have a dream or a wish I will write it down and then I will have to follow through with it. Because I want to find that thing that is going to make me happy, is going to give me what I need in my life and that is not always easy. But what worth getting has ever been easy?


At the end of the day, if you don’t take charge of your life and try to make the most of it… nobody else will!!!



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