The resolution 1

So on order for this notebook to work I need to start making some resolutions or plans or goals for what it is that I actually want to make happen. It can be short term or long term, the one key thing however is that i write them down. As soon as they have been written down, they become more tangible. Its not just some fleeting idea that you had and that you can just disregard. After it has been written down, it’s there, it can be found again and it’s not going away. Not living up to these, or at least giving it your best shot, means that you are letting yourself down and that is the worst person in the world to let down. If you can’t even keep a promise to yourself, how can you keep promises to anybody else.

It’s important to have trust when living in the world. You have to believe in the kindness of other people and that the universe is a kind a just place. In other words, you have to believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. So basically if you are a nice person who does their best to enrich the lives of others, good things will naturally come back to you. If you are an evil selfish son of a bitch, that also will come back to you. So they way you chose to live your life will eventually dictate the path your life takes and how it evolves.

So far there are some things I want to happen this year and preferably  sooner rather than later:

1. I need to find a job – now I have been searching for jobs that are within my field and in which I have both my education and experience. But I should start broadening my search to just find a job that pays some money. After 6 months of no work, I am running dangerously low on my savings.

2. I want to figure out a career path or a job that will allow me to work with a subject and in an environment that I will love. I want to find my calling. I want to wake up happy and looking forward to going to work.


So we are starting off with these two goals. One is short term (Hopefully) and the other is probably a little more long term and requires a little soul searching, some contacts, a lot of creativity and hopefully some good luck.

I am sure that it will come to happen, the universe will show me a way and help me out when I need it the most. The thing I can do to help it along is to keep putting myself out there and doing my best, then hopefully it will come soon.



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