It’s your body… Deal with it!!!

It is strange how different cultures perceive nudity and has to determine what is right and what is wrong… If grew up in a family where nudity has never been an issue. I have seen my parents naked and my sister and brother naked, from they were babies till they were adults. It was the … Continue reading

Care for a tango?

This weekend we took the boat over to Buenos Aires to catch the Green Day concert and soak up a bit of fun and see the city! Four words: What a cool city!!! The neighborhoods in Recoletta and Palermo are like a mix of Covent Garden, Barcelonetta and Marais all rolled into one!!! I love … Continue reading

A universal language???

There really should be a universal language – the language of love and kindness – but a lass there is not and so I am trying to learn some spanish in order to completely enjoy all that this great continent and region has to offer… I love learning new languages, but it is not always … Continue reading

GettingĀ started

So here I am and I am writing my first blog. Well maybe a little background info would be good to start out with… I am originally from Copenhagen in Denmark. About a year ago I was working for a major international communication agency as a Consultant, when I decided that I was not yet … Continue reading