Feeling trapped

As a restless soul, there will always be a feeling of being trapped. Trapped in a country, trapped in a grind, trapped in a relationship, trapped in a situation. We all have them and especially restless souls have them more than others. Sometimes I look at my friends and family and see how utterly content … Continue reading

Was Jesus a Buddhist monk???

I just read this article about how Jesus could have been a Buddhist monk! That he was in fact in India for the duration of his “lost” years and that he was studying Buddhism there. If this is true, does it make Christianity a Buddhist sect and as such has Christianity not veered to far … Continue reading

Being restless

So what is being restless all about… where does the title come in? You know the feeling that there is something waiting for you just around the corner, and you know that if you don’t go to peek around the corner you will regret it and pack up the “what if’s” in your life! So … Continue reading