Was Jesus a Buddhist monk???

I just read this article about how Jesus could have been a Buddhist monk! That he was in fact in India for the duration of his “lost” years and that he was studying Buddhism there. If this is true, does it make Christianity a Buddhist sect and as such has Christianity not veered to far … Continue reading

It’s your body… Deal with it!!!

It is strange how different cultures perceive nudity and has to determine what is right and what is wrong… If grew up in a family where nudity has never been an issue. I have seen my parents naked and my sister and brother naked, from they were babies till they were adults. It was the … Continue reading

Grow a pair…

Today, my wife checked the time while we were having sex. Twice. FML So your wife is checking the time while you are having sex? Well what does that tell you? Apparently men are no better at playing the “I feel sorry for myself game”!!! If your wife is checking the time while you are … Continue reading

Do you want some cheese with that whine???

Today, I found out my boyfriend watches porn. Specifically, today, while I was in the shower. In the next room. We were alone in the house and he still chose porn. FML Tody I found this on Fmylife.com! This is so funny and true about guys and girls for that matter and I will tell … Continue reading

Reject this!!!

  One of my worst fears some years ago, was gathering the courage to go up to a girl and ask her if she wanted a drink or something similar all to be shot down! That would leave me devastated for the rest of the evening! So often I didn’t even bother talk making the … Continue reading

Forbidden Fruit continued…

If it is true that all the good ones are already taken, is it then okay to try to take them away from someone else??? You try to be good. You know you shouldn’t fuck around with people in relationships, and that it will eventually only lead to somebody getting hurt. But at the same … Continue reading

The rumble in the jungle…

What’s up with pubic hair? What is it exactly good for?  Is it to keep your pelvic area warm, like a fur rug? Or is it used as a form of net to catch bacteria and other alien lifeforms before they make it all the way in? But any of these reasons should have been … Continue reading

Care for a tango?

This weekend we took the boat over to Buenos Aires to catch the Green Day concert and soak up a bit of fun and see the city! Four words: What a cool city!!! The neighborhoods in Recoletta and Palermo are like a mix of Covent Garden, Barcelonetta and Marais all rolled into one!!! I love … Continue reading

Forbidden fruit

So what is it with guys and the whole idea of always wanting what is forbidden… in this case girls in relationships?? It can’t just be that it is more fun, the chase is harder and tougher, you have to work harder for it and the prize is thus so much more satisfying! There must … Continue reading

Being restless

So what is being restless all about… where does the title come in? You know the feeling that there is something waiting for you just around the corner, and you know that if you don’t go to peek around the corner you will regret it and pack up the “what if’s” in your life! So … Continue reading