When does it get old?

When you start out in a relationship, you have sex 3-4 times a day at least! You just roam around and discover each others bodies and pleasure points. You simply can’t get enough, you just want more and more and more… Then as time goes by, the sex dwindles as the feelings become more intense… … Continue reading

The Forbidden Kingdom…

Today, while at dinner, I told my boyfriend that I wished he liked sushi. He replied, ‘I wish you liked anal.‘ FML So true, it’s quid pro quo!!! There will always be stuff about each other that we wished were different, and often it is more the idea of something that puts us off than … Continue reading

Watch the teeth…

What is it with girls giving you a blow job and then deciding to start using the teeth, almost like they are peeling of the top layer of a chocolate bar??? Really? Does it taste like a Bounty? Does it look like a Snickers? I know it has nuts, but give me a break here!!! … Continue reading

It’s just Porn… don’t have a hissy fit!!!

What is it with porn that gets people so riled up? What is it with semi nude people that get people so riled up? Constantly you have to listen to somebody jabbering on about how Porn is degrading to women, how we have to get rid of nudity in the public space, it’s bad for … Continue reading

Grow a pair…

Today, my wife checked the time while we were having sex. Twice. FML So your wife is checking the time while you are having sex? Well what does that tell you? Apparently men are no better at playing the “I feel sorry for myself game”!!! If your wife is checking the time while you are … Continue reading

Do you want some cheese with that whine???

Today, I found out my boyfriend watches porn. Specifically, today, while I was in the shower. In the next room. We were alone in the house and he still chose porn. FML Tody I found this on Fmylife.com! This is so funny and true about guys and girls for that matter and I will tell … Continue reading

The rumble in the jungle…

What’s up with pubic hair? What is it exactly good for?  Is it to keep your pelvic area warm, like a fur rug? Or is it used as a form of net to catch bacteria and other alien lifeforms before they make it all the way in? But any of these reasons should have been … Continue reading